Leafy Lettuce on the Blockchain

Episode 51 · October 1st, 2018 · 36 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

In This Episode:

  • Apple delays original shows over mature content (1:24)
  • YouTube is replacing textbooks in classrooms across America (4:33)
  • Japan successfully lands robot rovers on an asteroid's surface (7:32)
  • Lime Scooters Has Its Second Fatality in a Month (9:45)
  • Inside Facebook Dating (12:08)
  • Twitter may have sent your private DMs to the wrong people -- but probably not (16:03)
  • Walmart wants to track lettuce on the blockchain (18:41)
  • Google started quietly logging you into Chrome (22:18)

Weird and Wacky Tech:

  • An electric implant helps a paralyzed man walk the length of a football field (24:15)
  • Original working Apple-I computer fetches $375,000 at auction (26:05)
  • This device can charge your phone with wind or water (27:49)

Tech Recommendations (29:25):

Ad music is from "Partly Cloudy" by A Tape Full of Mistakes
Weird & Wacky theme music is from "Brainwavves" by Strong Suit

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