Strap Your Phone to Your Head... It's Gonna be a Bumpy Ride

Episode 68 · January 28th, 2019 · 34 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

In this episode:

  • Hulu ups price for live-TV service, cuts basic package price (1:40)
  • Google, Amazon, and Facebook spent record amounts lobbying the government (3:38)
  • Amazon Starts Testing ‘Scout’ Delivery Robots Near Seattle (5:37)
  • Hotel fires half its robot staff for sucking at their jobs (7:13)
  • SpaceX’s new test rocket topples over thanks to strong Texas winds (9:58)
  • Boeing’s electric autonomous passenger air vehicle just had its first flight (11:02)
  • Google Maps now helps you dodge speeding tickets while driving (12:16)
  • LEGO - The Toy of Smart Investors (15:17)
  • Google Buys Part of Fossil’s Smartwatch Team for $40 Million (16:05)
  • This $350 mini-smartphone helped cure my digital distraction (17:19)
  • THE Ohio State University now has THE silliest campus amenity yet: THE Pizza ATM (19:56)

Weird and Wacky Tech:

  • HOT DOG! Oscar Mayer hiring drivers for the Wienermobile (22:34)
  • To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet (23:31)
  • We Can’t Correct for Magnetic Pole Shifts Thanks to the Government Shutdown (26:33)

Tech Recommendations (27:57):
Adam - Lyft App
Sanjay - Twitter Sparkle
Shannon - Apple Measure App

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