World’s Largest Spreadsheet Collector… And Lint Psychos

Episode 70 · February 11th, 2019 · 36 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

In This Episode:

  • Slack confidentially files to go public (3:23)
  • Why Gimlet Sold to Spotify (7:13)
  • Apple has banned Google from running internal iOS apps after certificate misuse (9:10)
  • Google's new Chrome extension warns you about stolen passwords (11:17)
  • Upcoming Version of Google Chrome Will Make It Harder to Block Ads (11:57)
  • Lowe’s is killing off and bricking its Iris smart home products at the end of March (13:00)
  • A new net neutrality bill is headed to Congress (16:25)
  • This guy holds the world record for collecting spreadsheets (17:50)
  • Founder of crypto exchange dies, taking only password (and $190M) with him (20:13)

Weird and Wacky Tech:

  • Study reveals wildlife is abundant in Chernobyl
  • M&M's 3 new peanut-based flavors are here: Toffee, jalapeno, coconut (26:06)
  • Tyra Banks is creating a tech-driven attraction called Modelland (27:11)
  • Intuit Super Bowl 2019 introduces #robochild scares world (29:30)

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