Don't Go Folding Phones & Chasing Waterfalls

Episode 72 · February 25th, 2019 · 37 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

In this Episode:

  • Samsung’s foldable phone is the Galaxy Fold, available April 26th starting at $1,980 (2:45)
  • TCL is working on a foldable phone that bends into a smartwatch (5:02)
  • Google says Nest’s secret microphone was “never intended to be a secret” (6:26)
  • Southwest cancels more than 400 flights amid fight with mechanics (8:20)
  • Lyft Is Planning to List Shares on Nasdaq (9:30)
  • US Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Traditional in 2019 (12:31)
  • JPMorgan is creating its own cryptocurrency (15:15)
  • Audi helps you avoid red lights by suggesting speeds (17:35)
  • China Is Reportedly Building a Solar Po wer Station in Space (20:05)

Weird & Wacky Tech:

  • Super Mario Bros. cartridge sells for $100,150 (22:30)
  • uses AI to generate endless fake faces (24:30)
  • The best new Twitter bot is an endless game of Jeopardy where the winners are good at puns (26:13)
  • Scientists have made an AI that they think is too dangerous to release (26:53)

Tech Recommendations (29:24):

Ad music is from "Partly Cloudy" by A Tape Full of Mistakes
Weird & Wacky theme music is from "Brainwavves" by Strong Suit

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