Special Guest Jeff Hilimire Returns!

Episode 96 · August 12th, 2019 · 35 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

In this Episode:

  • Using AI to give doctors a 48-hour head start on life-threatening illness
  • LightSail 2 Spacecraft Successfully Demonstrates Flight by Light
  • Satellites are becoming real-time spies in the sky
  • The Federal Reserve announces plans for a real-time payments system that will be available to all banks
  • Apple's flashy new credit card is now available (to some)
  • Apple Card can’t be used to buy crypto
  • Disney finally unveils Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu bundle for $12.99 monthly

Weird and Wacky:

  • Forget touchscreens: This case controls a smartphone with buttons and dials
  • Scientists Create Contact Lenses That Zoom with Blinks and Looks
  • French 'Green Goblin' crosses English Channel on hoverboard
  • Scientists Create a Tiny, Creepy Robot That Survives Stomping, Just Like a Cockroach

Tech Recs:
Sanjay - WifiMan
Adam - Apple’s Screentime to lock down kid’s phone
Jeff - Apple Pencil
Shannon - UserBuddy

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